Department of Imaging / Radiology


Dr. Anjali P. Kaul

Sr. Consultant & Head Dept. of Radiology

Dr. Deepika Rao

Associate Consultant, Radiology

Dr. Amandeep

Consultant, Interventional Radiology

Dr. Dixit Chauhan

Consultant, Radiology

Dr. Madhurima Sharma

Consultant Radiology

The department of radiology is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment for routine as well as specialized radiological procedures.

CT Angiography

The 64 slice DUAL- SOURCE CT Scan detects the blockages in the vessels of the heart (Coronary Arteries) in minimal time. It takes only 7 seconds to take high quality colored pictures, which shows the fatty deposits in the coronary arteries of a beating heart. It is a non invasive OPD procedure.

Other CT studies routinely done

  • Cerebral Angiography and Cerebral Perfusion studies for stroke patients.
  • Renal, Pulmonary, Aortic and Peripheral Angiography.
  • 3D scanning with virtual Colonoscopy for bowel disorders.
  • 3D Bone reconstruction in Trauma Cases.


High resolution sonography is available for:

  • Routine Abdominal and Obstetric ultrasounds.
  • 3D, 4D ultrasound.
  • Small parts including Breast, Thyroid, Scrotum and Orbit sonography.
  • Muskuloskeletal USG.
  • Color Doppler including Caratoid, Renal, Abdominal, Peripheral Arterial & Venous and Fetal Dopplers.

Digital X-RAYS AND Fluroscopy

  • Excellent quality Digital X-Rays of all body parts.
  • Fluoroscopic procedures like Barium studies, Hysterosalpingogram, MCU/RGU, Fistulogram etc.

Interventional Radiology

  • USG/CT Guided FNAC
  • USG/CT Guided Biopsy
  • USG/CT Guided Catheter Placement
  • USG guided Diagnostic/ Therapeutic Drainage
  • TRUS Biopsy

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