Department of ENT


Dr. Anil Malhotra

Sr. Consultant, ENT

Dr. Prachi Jain

Consultant, ENT

The Department has state of the art equipment and well-equipped operation theatre for the management of ENT cases. The following is the brief scope of the department of ENT:


All routine ENT surgeries e.g. Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Grommets (ear tubes), Turbinectomy, Septoplasty, etc.

Major Ear Surgeries

  • Myringotomy and grommet insertion.
  • Myringoplasty (Repair of performed Ear Drum)
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Mastoid Surgery
  • Stapedectomy

Head & Neck

  • Routine head and neck diseases
  • Management of head and neck cancers
  • Laryngectomy
  • Neck Dissections
  • Thyroid Surgery
  • Salivary Glands
  • Branchial Cyst
  • Thyroglossal cyst
  • Maxillectomy
  • Lymph Nodes

Phono Surgery

  • Surgery for voice disorders

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Correction of prominent ears
  • Ear lobe stitching and piercing and nasal deformities
  • Maxillofacial Injuries
  • Sinonasal Surgery
  • FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)
  • Septoplasty

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