Department of
Diabetes & Endocrinology


Dr. Rajat Gupta

Sr. Consultant, Endocrinology

Alchemist Hospital is the first center of excellence of its kind in the region, which provides comprehensive solutions for the early detection and management of diabetes, metabolic conditions, and other endocrinological disorders.


Comprehensive Diabetes Evaluation

  • Blood Glucose Assessment and Control
  • Assessment of Complications of Diabetes, Associated Conditions and Other Endocrine Disorders
  • Advanced Laboratory Assessment
  • Advanced Protocol-Based Management
  • Patient Education and Counselling Services
  • Rehabilitation Programs (Psychological support, physical therapy and pain relief)
  • Special Programs and Community Initiatives


Laser Photocoagulation and Surgery for Diabetic Eye Disease:
A full range of eye evaluation and treatment is done by retina experts. Complex surgery is available for large eye hemorrhages.


Advanced care of diabetes nephropathy
A full range of eye evaluation and treatment is done by retina experts. Complex surgery is available for large eye hemorrhages.


Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Assessment:
Advanced care to address these problems with the help of the diabetic foot surgery department.


Special Vascular Surgery for Diabetic Vascular Block:
Surgical procedures to remove blockages in hardened arteries, especially in the legs and neck with the latest, stent-based surgical procedures are done by our vascular surgery experts.


Intensive Therapy for Gestational Diabetes:
Stringent control of weight gain through proper diet and exercise and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels under the strict supervision of specialists can prevent a sudden drop or rise in blood sugar levels and avert the risk of a miscarriage or the birth of a baby with defects. Specifically, experts provide guidelines before one plan for a pregnancy, to avoid early bad effects of blood sugar and toxins on the embryo.


Weight Loss Scientific Treatment:
Customized weight loss diet plans to suit the requirement of each individual patient have been devised after scientific research. These are especially suited to obese, vegetarian patients. For morbidly obese patients Bariatric surgery is being performed by experts.


Evaluation and Therapy of thyroid disorders:
Thyroid diseases are very common. Extensive Evaluation and treatment is available for various thyroid disorders e.g. Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Goiter, Thyroid nodules, Thyroiditis and Thyroid cancer.


Evaluation and Therapy of Puberty Disorders & Growth Retardation:
Evaluation & treatment for delayed puberty or early puberty or a child with short stature is done by an expert. Various diagnostic tests are performed to get to the cause of the disorder.


Comprehensive Evaluation of Calcium and Bone Disorders including vitamin D deficiency-related disorders and osteoporosis:
The parathyroid hormone regulates the calcium level in the blood and when chronically produced in excess (hyperparathyroidism), it takes calcium out of the bones and brings it into the blood. These and other calcium disorders are complex diseases, managed by our experts according to standard protocols.


Evaluation and Management of Erectile Dysfunction:
Erectile dysfunction and sexual disorders in men are often under-reported problems and not properly investigated and managed. We offer treatments tailored to suit individual needs, which may require a combination of oral medications, hormone therapy, and sometimes vascular surgery.

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